PHCET > Comp Seminars & Workshops > Workshop on “LaTex” 2024
Date26th March, 2024
VenueLab C404
Resource PersonProf. Rohini Bhosale
Faculty CoordinatorDr. Rajashree Gadhave
DepartmentComputer Engineering
Event ObjectiveThe objective of this workshop is encouraging students to write papers and report with ease by using latest technology.
Event OutcomeStudent should learn new tool of formatting as LaTeX provides a very powerful, yet easy-to-learn way of formatting documents. It offers a consistent and uniform layout. Students will be able to learn Typeset a mathematical document using LaTex. Students will be able to learn about graphics in LaTex.

Department of computer Engineering organized a Workshop on LaTex Designing on 26th March, 2024. Total 50 students attended the program. This hands-on workshop conducted by Head of Department Prof. Rohini Bhosale madam. The main objective behind conducting this workshop is to encourage students to write papers and report and so this software helps students to write a paper with less effort. This workshop conducted in C404 lab.


  • Document basic structure
  • Basic commands
  • Equations
  • Figures
  • Cross references
  • Creating Latex Bibliography files