Workshop on “STEM Education using Internet of Things”

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Department of Electronics and Computer Science organized a hands-on workshop on “STEM Education using Internet of Things”, under IETE Students Forum from 19th to 22nd July, 2022 for Mahatma Education Society’s HOC Junior College of Arts, Science and Commerce students. (Computer science 44 & Biology 33) under the guidance of Prof. Munawira Madam and Principal Sir. All the sessions were conducted by Prof. Upendra Patil & Prof. Mithun Nair.

PHCET is committed to offering a great opportunity to the school students by providing a free Embedded Systems Workshop named “STEM Education using Internet of Things”. This novel initiative targets maximum benefits to the enthusiasts attending the workshop. The workshop is designed to help students develop their knowledge & skills, and provide real-time industry exposure dedicatedly delivered by experienced teachers. Also, we provide the opportunity to work with the school students in the Research lab under the valuable guidance of Ms. Munawira Kotyad Pillai to motivate them to start their research careers in Embedded Systems.

The program started at 10.30 a.m. with the welcome address by Dr. Mansi Subhedar, Head of the department. The opening remark was given by Dr. J. W. Bakal, Principal, PHCET.

Mr. Joby Thomas, Ms. Purva Gaikar, Mr. Aniket Thavai, Mr. Ashutosh Ovhal, Mr. Pranay Yadav, Mr. Rajesh Podhar and Mr. Yogesh Koli coordinated this event.

The following points were covered during the workshop:

  • Embedded System Design Constraints
  • Requirement of prototyping in Embedded System Design
  • Arduino as prototyping hardware and software
  • Arduino IDE
  • Arduino programming language
  • Digital and Analog Interface