Workshop on “Python and Machine Learning”

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Event Outcome:
Department of Information Technology under ISTE Student Chapter of Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology organized Hands On two days workshop on “Python and Machine Learning” on 21st and 22nd March, 2024.

Resource Person
Faculty Coordinator
21st and 22nd March. 2024
Third Floor, Computer Lab, D-313, PHCET
Dr. Hariram Chavan
Ms. Rupali Sathe & Ms. Trapti Soni
Information Technology
  • Enhanced Programming Skills: Participants improved their programming skills through hands-on Python exercises and project demonstrations.
  • Understanding of Machine Learning: Attendees gained a deeper understanding of machine learning concepts, algorithms, and their applications in various domains.
  • Data Analysis Proficiency: Participants learned how to manipulate and analyze data using Python libraries like Pandas, enabling them to derive meaningful insights from datasets challenges.
  • Preparation for Future Projects and Careers

The eminent speaker unfolded various topics during the workshop. The following are some of the topics discussed in the session by the speaker:


  • Basic Python syntax, control structures, and data structures.
  • Introduction to essential libraries like NumPy, Pandas.
  • Hands-on sessions for practical coding exercises.
  • Introduction to machine learning concepts and algorithms.
  • Building machine learning models and evaluating their performance.
  • Basics of GUI programming with Tkinter .
  • Best practices in coding and project work for real-world application.

“Malusare Priyanshu Janardhan” took first place in Python and Machine Learning at the end of the session in the Quiz Competition.