Workshop on “GitFusion: Bridging Developers & Repositories”

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CSI PHCET organised a highly informative and interactive event titled “GitFusion: Bridging Developers & Repositories.” The event was aimed at second and third-year students eager to enhance their understanding of version control systems and collaborative software development using Git and GitHub. The event featured Mr. Rishabh Mehta as the esteemed speaker. He is a distinguished Google Developers Educator, specialising in Android development. His upcoming role as a GET i.e (Graduate Engineer Trainee) at Jio reflects his commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Rishab also served as the former Lead of GDSC PHCET and is part of the PHCET Comps Batch 2019-2023 and also worked as the main coordinator in Hackoverflow 1.0.

Event Name
14th September, 2023
2:00 pm
Computer Engineering

Mr. Rishabh Mehta began by introducing the concepts of Git and GitHub. He explained the importance of version control in software development and how Git simplifies tracking changes in code. The speaker delved into the fundamentals of Git, covering topics such as repositories, commits, branches, and merging. He used practical examples and demonstrations to make these concepts accessible to the audience. Students learned how to create repositories, fork projects, open pull requests, and collaborate effectively with peers on coding projects. To reinforce learning, participants engaged in hands-on workshops. They had the opportunity to create their own GitHub repositories, make commits, and collaborate on sample projects under the guidance of Rishabh Mehta.

The event concluded with an interactive Q&A session where students could ask questions and seek clarifications on Git and GitHub-related topics. The event was a testament to CSI PHCET’s commitment to fostering technical knowledge and innovation among its students.