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A Workshop on “Electrical Wiring and PCB Designing” was conducted by Prof. Asokan S., Assistant Professor, Prof. R. D. More, Assistant Professor and Prof. Aamir Shaikh, Assistant Professor (Department of Electrical Engineering) for all First year students on 9th June, 2022.

Photo of the participant present for the seminar

In this session professors discussed about the basics of Electrical Wiring and about different types of switches like, SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPST and their operation. Along with it, Different types of wiring schemes which are used like cleat wiring, Batten wiring, Lead sheath wiring, casing and capping wiring, conduit wiring and the advantages and disadvantages of all the wiring schemes was discussed. Also, they have explained the different types of cables and maximum voltage level for the same. Two types of wiring schemes i.e., Go-down wiring and staircase wiring and the rules to be considered for the installation in residential wiring schemes was discussed.

In this session Prof. Asokan S. and Prof. Aamir Shaikh explained the basic wiring schemes that are implemented in the protection laboratory and the contactors connections. Also they have demonstrated the different wiring schemes. Thus students were made aware of how to implement different hardware circuits that can be useful to them in project and further semester subjects. “Industrial Wiring” In this session, Prof. R. D. More was explained the students different industrial wiring schemes and gave introduction regarding the different panels that are used in Industries. He also explained the different fuses and switches that are used in the industrial panel. He explained the operation of different types of starters like DOL and star-delta starter, its implementation with the 3-phase Induction motor. He explained the students the wiring of starters and contactors on the panel.

PCB Designing is one of the most emerging fields in Electronics in today’s era. For the students of Electrical this is a good field to start their career. PCB designers are key persons in research and development (R&D), electronics production units as well as in the PCB industry. The workshop was aimed to provide knowledge about simulation tools to test electronics & electrical circuits in software environments, PCB design software named DIPTRACE & to make physical PCB at home so that any student can make a project on his own.

Following content are covered in workshop:
Speaker: Ms. Snehal Jadhav (PHCET, PCB Industry)

  • Schematic Design
  • Component Footprint Design
  • Integrated Library Design
  • PCB Design & Routing
  • Etching of PCB
  • Soldering of Components on PCB

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