Training on “Solar PV System”

One Day Training on Solar PV System at Tata Power Skill Development Institute, Shahad

Department of Electrical Engineering organized a training programme in association with Tata Power Skill Development Institute (TPSDI) Shahad on 7th March, 2020. Total 5 staff along with 4 students were present for training. The training was delivered by Mr. Mr. Hari S. Rohra & Mr. Bhandari, TPSDI, Shahad. Experts are having more than 35 years of industrial experience. The training consists of both theory and hands-on skills. They gave theory explanation at beginning of session.

7th March, 2020
Electrical Engineering
Tata Power Skill Development Institute, Shahad

The training session focuses on fundamentals of solar energy, wherein participants are briefed about fundamentals of solar radiation, solar geometry, solar noon, site survey and shadow analysis. The session also talked about different types of modules and cells. The participants gained initial practical experience on solar resource measurement and analysis, PV system configuration, and system designing.

Following Contents were discussed during the Training as follows:

  1. In-depth knowledge of basics, various components of a photovoltaic power plant such as photovoltaic modules, inverters, charge controllers, batteries, switchyard, and so on.
  2. Photovoltaic system types, Earthing in Solar PV, design philosophy, principles, examples and calculations.
  3. Installation of a solar PV system.
  4. Project management, economics and finance of projects, solar policies.
  5. Demonstration of Floating Solar system, Thermal Solar System and Rooftop systems.

The participants gain an overall understanding of the fundamentals, design, management and existing policies relating to solar PV technology.