Training on Power System at Tata Power Skill Development Institute, Shahad

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Department of Electrical Engineering organized a training programme in association with Tata Power Skill Development Institute (TPSDI) Shahad on 26th February, 2024 to 3th March, 2024. 23 students were present for training. The training was delivered by Mr. Satish Mahajan, Mr. Hari Rohra, and Mr. Gautam Sonawane TPSDI, Shahad. Experts are having more than 35 years of industrial experience. The training consists of both theory and hands-on skills. They gave theory explanation at beginning of session.

Resource Person
Faculty Coordinator
Event Objective
Event Output
26th February, 2024 to 3th March, 2024
TPSDI Shahad
Mr. Satish Mahajan
Ms, Supriya Shigwan
Electrical Engineering
To understand fundamentals concepts of power system
Gained practical knowledge on power system.

Contents that were discussed during the Training are as follows:

  • Safety precautions: Importance of high danger zone (as the Power plant is of 11kV), various safety were introduced and were given to use by students for example: safety shoes, helmet
  • Basic overview of power system : Overall generation, transmission, distribution and utilization is explained and how are they performed is demonstrated live.
  • Circuit breaker and relays: If fault occurs then Circuit Breaker should work. Also relay should indicate type of fault. This instrument is used to detect and stop the flow of current through the system.
  • Domestic wiring: Types of Wiring, House Hold Typical Diagram, Protection, Type of wire & Conductor, Earthing, Types Of Wiring Diagram, Fault
  • Metering : Various types of meter, their testing, calculation of billing using meter, smart meter usage in the grid.
  • Industrial visit to Ambernath substation and HVDC Padgha: At Ambernath receiving station there are three heavy duty step down transformers. Each one of the transformer has the capacity to step down 22kv to 11kv. The transformers are incorporated with all types of indications, alarms and protection. At HVDC Padgha, Students got the basic idea about Transmission Line Power Flow, Convert DC to AC, Thyristor Bank, DC and AC Switchyard Operation, Electrode Station, PLCC and SCADA System Operation, etc.

Students gave a test prior to working in the power plant and also after the training one test was conducted. Certificates were issued after the test. Students were happy with the training program, course content and practical sessions. They gained theoretical as well as practical knowledge, which include overview of the power system.