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As per the stipulations of Mumbai University, for the successful completion of the course Surveying II, a survey camp needs to be conducted for the second year students. For the academic year 2019-20, the camp was conducted for S.E.-A at Franav Farms, Apta from 6th to 7th March, 2020 for S.E. A and from 13th to 14th March, 2020 for S.E.-B. A total of 131 students attended the camp who were divided into three groups of equal strength.


Total Student
Faculty Coordinator

Target Audience
6th to 7th March, 2020 (S.E. A)
13th to 14th March, 2020 (S.E. B)
Civil Engineering
Surveying II
Steffi Stephen
Smitha J. S.
Second Year Bachelor of Engineering Students

Three projects were executed namely,

  1. Radial contouring
  2. Block contouring
  3. Longitudinal profiling and cross-sectioning

HoD and faculty with students at PHCET on 6th March, 2020

Mr. Raju Narwade (HoD, Civil), Mr. Karthik Nagarajan, Mr. Manish Mane, Ms. Smitha J. S., Ms. Steffi Stephen and Mr. Vikas Suresh along with SE-A students at Franav Farms, Apta after project

S.E. B students with faculty after project

Block Contouring and Radial Contouring

Profiling and Cross-sectioning