Skill Upgradation Workshop on “Computer H/W and Networking Components”

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The purpose of this Skill Upgradation Workshop for Non-Teaching Technical staff is to encourage and support them to actively pursue technical skill development for performing their role in the institute and prepare them for change in technology and curriculum. Skill upgradation is necessary for the benefit of institutions as well as their personal growth. Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology, Department of Computer Engineering organized the workshop on “Computer H/W and Networking Components” for Non Teaching Technical staff on the following dates 3rd & 10th June, 2023. Various topics in computer Hardware and Networking Components were unfolded by the speaker during the workshop.

Resource Person
3rd & 10th June, 2023
Lab D-313
Ms. Snehal Patil
Mr. Rahul Kapse
Computer Engineering

The following are some of the topics discussed in the session by the speaker:


  • Introduction to Computer Hardware Components and their working
  • Networking Components

Event Outcome:
The overall goal of this workshop was to introduce participants to the Computer Hardware and Networking components. Additionally, the workshop gave insight into different computer hardware components for non teaching Technical staff.

Event Feedback:
The workshop was attended by the non teaching technical staff. We received a good response from them and also they gave very good feedback. All the concepts were explained clearly and understandably. At the end of the workshop, Prof. Rahul Kapse (Faculty Coordinator) thanked HoDs, Faculty members, Management and participants for their active support for making the programme successful.