Session on “Career Counselling – Campus Recruitment Training”

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To make students aware of aptitude test and help them in understanding the concept and importance of aptitude test.

Course Content / Description:

  • Detailed description regarding various concept of aptitude test.
  • Different preparation methods in aptitude test in case of higher studies and job perspective.
Career Counselling Session – Campus Recruitment Training
B.E. / T.E.
Mr. Vinay Raikar (Campus Credentials)
10th October, 2021

Mr. Vinay Raikar explained students regarding importance of aptitude test preparation and self-knowledge in making good carrier choices.

Understanding aptitude pattern helps to identify type of skills you will enjoy and be most successful developing.

It helps student to understand the area of interest and strength better.

It provides clarity to the students on which career path is most suited based on their skill set.

Total Attendance: 214