Seminar on “The Power and Potential of Metaverse”

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The department of Electronics and Computer science organized a Seminar on “The Power and Potential of Metaverse” on 8th August, 2022 at Conclave II from 3.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. for Computer, IT and ECS students. The aim behind organizing this seminar was to orient students how metaverse is revolutionising the industry and the opportunities created for the youths.

Mr. Pankaj Raut, CEO of AjnaLens and recognized as one of the most influential thought leaders in Immersive technologies in India was invited as a speaker for this seminar. AjnaLens is a Mumbai-based company making immersive augmented, virtual and mixed reality devices and software solutions for Defence, Enterprise and Skilling sectors. It is the first and only XR hardware OEM to manufacture AR/VR glasses in India. Mr. Raut briefly explained emerging technologies like AR, VR, Mr, IoT, Digital Twin etc. He also guided students about how to build a career in Metaverse.

Around 100 students of different disciplines attended the session. The seminar was very useful for the students. They interacted freely with the guest and shown their interest towards career in metaverse. The session ended with a vote of thanks to the speaker by Dr. Mansi Subhedar, Head of ECS department.