Seminar on “Solar Energy for Sustainable Development”

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Mr. Mahadeo Sable is currently working as Zonal Head – Solar O&M, The Tata Power Company Limited. He has received an MBA degree from Times Business School and Post-Graduation in Advanced Strategic Decision Making from IIMK. He completed PG in Electricity Regulation and Certified Energy Manager from BEE. He has an Engineering background. HE has extensive and hands-on field experience for more than 23 years in Solar Projects, Solar O&M, Wind Power, Hydro Power, O&M of Sea Port equipment, DG Power Plants based on HFO & Natural Gas. He has done installation, testing, commissioning and on-site/off-site support for Marine and Offshore equipment related to Power Generation and Propulsion. He is currently managing large scale Solar Assets in MH, TN, TS and KL having more than 20 plant locations spread across the geography. He also ensures the quality, compliances/approvals, stabilization of O&M for under construction sites in these states and also manages civil function for Pan India Solar Sites.

Date and Time
Resource Person
25th April, 2023, 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Mr. Mahadeo Sable (Zonal Head – Solar O&M, The Tata Power Company Limited)
Mr. Sunil Singh Rajput
Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Mahadeo Sable explained about the current energy scenario in the world as well as in India. Starting with the need and role of higher energy production in the development of the country he explained the importance of energy production. Mr. Sable also compared conventional energy sources with renewable and limitations and future crises over conventional energy sources.

Followed by that Mr. Sable explored the huge potential that countries have to produce energy by using solar as an energy source. Mr. Sable also explained different initiatives taken and targets set by the government of India to produce electricity by solar as a source for upcoming years. He also explained the financial calculations involved and how the country can stop the majority of our foreign exchange going off for fuel expenses. He also explained how solar energy production can boost economies having sustainable development simultaneously. Mr. Sable also explained how the country can walk on a path of sustainable development and can become energy independent by shifting our conventional energy sources to renewable and particularly

Being an expert in the field Mr. Sable explained the different stages involved in commissioning a solar power plant and operations involved in operating and maintaining a solar power plant. Mr. Sable also guides students about career opportunities available in the solar and renewable energy sector.

The session ended with a Question Answer session and finally concluded by vote of thanks by Dr. G. V. Patil, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department.