Seminar on “Go-Kart Design and Manufacturing”

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Title of Seminar Go-Kart Design and Manufacturing
Theme Developing the knowledge in Designing and Fabrication of Go-Kart
Schedule Date: 19th to 21st October, 2018
Time: 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Venue: Conclave Hall (3rd Floor) and Solid Works Lab (3rd Floor, Engg.)
Target Audience S.E., T.E., B.E. Automobile Students
Speaker Profile Name: Mr. Gaurav Hadavle
Founder and CEO of Performance Motorworks, Pune
Entrepreneur, Captain and Rider of Team SPEED DEMONS

Automobile and Mechanical Engineering students of Team STARKERS in association with “Performance MotorWorks” and “Mechanical and Automobile Departments” organized a Three Day Workshop on “Go-Kart Design and Manufacturing”.

The guest lecture was preceded by a short talk by Prof. Anish S. and Prof. Prabhu Ganacharya. Workshop was conducted by Mr. Gaurav Hadavale, Founder of Performance MotorWorks (PMW). Before starting the Design and manufacturing of Go-kart, he divided the session into four introductory parameters:

  1. Introduction of Go-kart and Cost analysis
  2. Transmission System
  3. Design and analysis using Solid Works, Ansys Software

In the first part of session Mr. Hadavale discussed about static parts of go-kart and how each and every component works, time span and costing.

Then he explained Engine working and fundamentals:

Chassis: Fundamentals of chassis design, Chassis materials, Light metals for chassis, Tolerance in designing, Bending strength calculation, Manufacturing Technique for Chassis Body Works and Custom parts, Safety Equipment and consideration.

Braking System: Brake performance parameters, Braking efficiency, Weigh load transfer./p>

Steering System: Steering dynamics, Four wheel steering mechanism, Turning radius calculations, Ackerman principle.

The last day of workshop conducted in Solid Works Lab (3rd floor). In this session Mr. Hadavale explained CAD software basic tools, Chassis designing and stress analysis of each component, Extrude feature, basic part modeling, sprocket, Go-kart wheel hub, Disc brake, Steering assembly. After the sir’s session, students designed their own innovative chassis in solid work software and analysed in Ansys software.

The event ended with honorarium to the guests and vote of thanks.