Seminar on “Current Trends and Opportunities in Piping Engineering”

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Mr. Rahul Eukey is founder and Director of REU Engineering and Consulting LLP. REU Engineering and Consulting LLP is manufacturer of Pressure regulating Valves , Safety Valves, Blanketing valves , Gas Manifold & Gas Bank Cascade . REU is supply and service Provider for Gas Detection and calibration system, Gas purification system, Temperature control system. REU is service provider of all type of compressors. Mr. Rahul Eukey has a total 20 years of experience Industrial Projects like Gas handling system, compressed air system, and waste heat recovery system for cement industry. REU Engineering and Consulting LLP also provides consulting services for gas distribution systems specifically for hydrogen & compressed natural gas.

Date and Time
Resource Person
19th April, 2023, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Mr. Rahul E. Eukey (Director, REU Engineering and Consulting LLP.)
Mr. Sunil Singh Rajput
Mechanical Engineering

Total 70 students and faculty participated in the session. Expert started the session by briefing and giving an introduction of the field to which he belongs and operations involved in the piping industry. Following that Mr. Rahul Eukey explained the spread of ‘Piping Engineering’ across various industries. Experts also explained our students’ insights about how piping engineering can be a great career option, explaining about multiple job profiles mechanical engineers can explore in this field. The expert explained to students about emerging opportunities one can have in piping engineering along with roles and responsibilities associated with different job profiles and growth opportunities to have a successful career in the Piping Industry.

Mr. Rahul Eukey explained about what all demands of industries and what qualities industries are looking for are. He also explained about specific and generalized skill sets students should pursue to get specific jobs in the piping industry in a minimum possible time. Experts also guided students about how to appear for interviews for piping industry jobs.

The main objective of the seminar was to make students aware about different career opportunities available, skills needed to work in the Piping Engineering Sector, which participants understood by end of the session.

The session ended with a Question Answer session and finally concluded by vote of thanks by Dr. G. V. Patil, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department.