Pollution Day cum Water Filter Day

🎗️ Be a part of the solution but not a part of pollution.🎗️

Considering this thought we @phcetstudentcouncil is providing you a platform to present you a solution.

💫On occasion of Pollution Day on 16th February, 2022, Water Filtering Competition is organized by Student Council.💫

Open for all MES
In this event,

  1. We will give you a polluted/dirty water.
  2. By using any Filteretion method participants have to clean the water.
  3. The PH values and other Parameters of filtered water will be tested in our chemistry lab.

✨🟠 The winners will get an opportunity to present their model in the exhibition on Science day & All the Participants will get the certificates.🟠✨

♦️Lets take a small step forward and make this place a Little better place to live.♦️

Event Coordinator: OMKAR BOBADE
Faculty Coordinator: KARTHIK NAGARAJAN

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