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Dear Students,
Want to control a live robot from your home? Pillai College of Engineering presents an online facility “Pillai INDUSTRY 4.0” to enhance your knowledge and upgrade your skills in robotics and automation. One can learn the Operation and Control of Robotic systems, the programming and understanding of the functionality of our advanced robots with hands-on experience to program and control robots remotely from your home. Learn about industry 4.0 concepts in automation, controls, deep learning, AI, Image Processing, manufacturing and many more. Introducing the Dobot system with 3D printing, laser Engraving, Pen Drawing, Pick & Place and a lot more capabilities. Doing this kind of an interactive and hands-on program will definitely enhance career prospects, in addition to helping one gain useful knowledge to design similar systems for practical day to day applications.

Following are the contents that would be taught during the 2 week program:

  • Basics of Robotics – 1 hour
  • Manipulating Robots – 1 hour
  • Robot Anatomy – 1 hour
  • Coordinate System & Positioning – 1 hour
  • Control and Sensing of Robot – 1 hour

Hands on session:

  • Teach & Play – 2 hour
  • Pick n Place – 2 hour
  • Logical Block Diagram Coding – 2 hour
  • Color Identification – 1 hour
  • Conveyor System – 2 hour
  • 3D Printing – 2 hour
  • Laser Engraving – 2 hour
  • Pen Drawing – 2 hour
  • Manual Joystick Control – 1 hour
BatchesDaysTimeFees / Person
Online (25 MES Participants)2 hours daily over 10 weekdays5 p.m. to 7 p.m.Rs. 1,500/-
Offline (15 MES Participants)5 hours daily over 2 weekend11 a.m. to 4 p.m.Rs. 1,500/-
Online (25 Outside MES Participants)2 hours daily over 10 weekdays5 p.m. to 7 p.m.Rs. 2,500/-
Offline (15 Outside MES Participants)5 hours daily over 2 weekend11 a.m. to 4 p.m.Rs. 2,500/-
  • The course is open to all students and faculties of MES (Mahatma Education Society) and even outside Mahatma Education Society from all branches and years of study.
  • No programming or robotics experience needed for this course.
  • Students with a PC / Laptop and good internet will be preferred.
  • Certificate for course completion will be provided on the basis of course project, assignments and overall performance.
  • The shortlisting of students for every batch will be based on a first come first serve basis. Fresh next batch as per response received will be intimated via mail after completion of every batch. Registration payment link will be sent once your nomination form is received.
  • Each batch will have a dedicated time period of two week with 20 hours course time and 20 hours project / assignment time.
  • The same course is offered in offline mode; those with good health (no Covid symptoms) or double dose covid vaccine can nominate for offline training on weekends.
  • For nomination of course one is supposed to fill the following google form https://forms.gle/szrDds1xRKFvTUcKA or scan the qr code given in the flyer, for more details and to nominate yourself for the course.

The first weekday batch will start from 13th September, 2021.
The first weekend batch will start from 18th September, 2021.

Click link to see the course outcome

For any query contact:
Course Coordinator
Asst. Prof. Salim Jafri