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Date9th November, 2023
VenuePhysics Labs
CoordinatorDr. Manvendra Vashistha, Mr.Nilesh Raut, Mrs.Vishakha Gajghate
DepartmentDepartment of Applied Science and Humanities
Event Objective

  • To enhance students' understanding of theoretical concepts through practical applications.

  • To encourage curiosity and exploration in the field of physics.

  • To provide students with hands-on experiences that complement classroom learning.

Event Outcome:

The Physics Exhibition for First-Year Engineering Students was a resounding success, achieving its objectives of promoting experiential learning, stimulating scientific curiosity, and facilitating meaningful interactions among students and faculty members. The event not only enriched students’ understanding of physics but also inspired them to explore the limitless possibilities of the natural world. Moving forward, such initiatives should be encouraged to nurture a culture of scientific inquiry and innovation among engineering students..

Highlights of the Exhibition:

Interactive Demonstrations: Various interactive demonstrations were set up to illustrate key physics principles such as electromagnetism, optics, mechanics, and thermodynamics. Students had the opportunity to engage with the exhibits and observe the practical applications of theoretical concepts..

Experimental Setups: The exhibition featured experimental setups designed to demonstrate fundamental laws and phenomena in physics. From pendulum motion to electrical circuits, students could observe and analyse these experiments first hand, deepening their understanding of scientific principles..

Project Presentations: Students were encouraged to showcase their own physics-related projects, ranging from simple experiments to innovative prototypes. This provided an opportunity for students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems and share their findings with peers and faculty members.