Industrial Visit to KV Substation, Apte

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The Electrical Engineering Department organized an industrial visit for the Second Year Electrical Engineering student to Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company 220/100/22 KV APTE Substation. Our main purpose for this visit is to be familiar with industrial environment and to get practical knowledge of electrical power transmission and distribution system.

7th February, 2020
Electrical Engineering
220/100/22KV Substation Apte
Prof. R. D. More, Prof. Pranita Chavan, Prof. Aamir Shaikh

From this visit, student got the detailed information and practical knowledge about Power Distribution and Transmission. Student got the knowledge about different devices used in substation like feeder, circuit breaker, transformer, isolator, bus bar, Protective relays, Lightening arresters, Wave Trap, Load break switches and their construction, working principle.

They got the idea how to read the single line diagram of power substation using different symbols used in diagram. Student cleared out practical knowledge of transformer as how it step down voltage 220 KV to 100 KV. They also got knowledge about new SCADA based system as you can operate substation by manually or by command from computer using SCADA system and PLC programming. About 46 students were benefited from this visit as they got chance to discussion with assistant engineers working at Substation.