Industrial Visit to Airport Utility Building

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Industrial Visit to Airport Utility Building – Mumbai International Airport Limited

An industrial visit was arranged for TE Electrical Engineering students on 29th March, 2020.The goal of this visit was to provide an insight for the students with major in electrical engineering an on site feel of their curriculum. This enhances their approach in absorbing the dynamic points of theoretical learning. Students get an view of industry standards and workflow ethics. The various real time scenarios in turn comes with the learning package. The students were taken through the process of viewing the online recording of power consumption and status check of various equipment maintained in the airport to facilitate uninterrupted power supply for the perfect operation of the airport system.

29th March, 2020
Electrical Engineering
Airport Utility Building- Mumbai International Airport Limited
Prof. Dr. Panimaya Selvi

Also they had a chance to understand the theory of operation of various protection and switch gear equipment installed for the operation during the rise of fault in the power supply of the airport.

A state-of-art DG set which was huge as two storey building was operated and explained to the students. Roof top Solar PV for generation and utilization of solar power was explained well with all the commercial arrangement like the PPA and BOOT system were included in the explanation.

Undoubtedly this one-day visit contributed a whole lot of knowledge transfer from the field engineers to the students.