Hand on Workshop on “Let’s start with R”

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Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology, Department of Computer Engineering organized a hand on Workshop on “Let’s start with R”. on 11th August, 2023 from 10:30 a.m. to 01:30 p.m. Participants were enlightened with the knowledge of resource person on R Programming. Mr. Mehul Kumar Bauskar is Associate System Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services (Client – NSE [FSI]) from last 2 years, Expert in the field promises to provide valuable insights into world of R Programming as well as he is Visiting Faculty at Aptech Learning Panvel.

Resource Person
11th August, 2023
Mr. Mehul kumar Bauskar, Aptech Learning Panvel
Ms. Nikita Saindane
Department of Computer Engineering

Over 50+ students of BE Computer Engineering and faculty participated in the session.

Various hands-on skills were unfolded by the eminent speaker during the workshop. The following are some of the topics discussed and taught in the session by the speaker:

  1. The overview of R Programming Language and R libraries used for insightful data visualizations.
  2. Use of R programming for data science and machine learning.
  3. Applications of R in industries such as academics, healthcare, government, insurance, energy, finance, retail, media, manufacturing, technology, and electronics.
  4. Hands on taken for R programming libraries for data science. Like Dplyr,Ggplot2,Shiny,Lubridate,Knitr and Various commands related to them.

Students enjoyed and learned a lot during the Session. The session ended with vote of thanks by Ms. Rohini Bhosale, HOD, Computer Engineering Department.