Guest Lecture for Electrical Engineering students is conducted by Mr. Pratik Mokashi. He is an alumnus from the batch of 2018. Currently he is working as Embedded Engineer at RazrLab. During the session he mentioned many anecdotes from his time in college and his experience in the industry.

27th January, 2020
Prof. Aamir Shaikh
Electrical Engineering

He has guided his juniors about how to manage academics and extra-curricular activities in college. Along with this he explained the importance of final year projects and how to conceptualize project topic. Students got clear idea about the areas on which emphasis should be given to embrace the interviews in better way.

Interacting with the students he advised his juniors to emphasize on Practical Knowledge, Learning during Experiments, making projects and Hands-on Trainings as these lead to a much deeper understanding of concepts and bring in self-confidence. Also, he suggested various areas in which student can ensure best career opportunities.

Mr. Pratik Mokashi Having Interaction with students