Applied Sciences and Humanities Department organized the Faculty Seminar Series from 15th to 23rd June, 2020. The Faculty Seminar Series enabled Collaborative learning and developed Research interest among faculty members. The faculty members enthusiastically discussed topics of their research area. The Seminar was conducted using online platform through Google meet app. The details of the research seminar can be found below.

Dr. Manvendra Vashistha
Topic: Energy Scenario and Prospects of Hydrogen as a Clean Future Fuel
In this seminar, the speaker discussed current energy scenario across the globe. The speaker further elaborated the revolutionary changes in resources, renewable energy,production, transportation and state storage of hydrogen as a clean future fuel.

Ms. Sunita Khansole
Topic: A Review on new roles of teacher during and post COVID-19 Blackboard to Broadband
The Lecture presented by Ms. Sunita Khansole surveyed the history of education system from the Gurukul system to the 21st century. The Speaker explained challenges involved in online learning and compared the role of a teacher in traditional and modern learning. The seminar also emphasized the importance of ‘Blend Learning’ along with the usage of modern tool in teaching and research.

Mr. Nilesh Raut
Topic: Basics of Solar Photovoltaics
The speaker explained Photovoltaic Effect in brief. The seminar highlighted the important components of solar panel with types of connections and functions of various parts of solar PR system.

Ms. Sarita Devi
Topic: Analytical and Numerical methods to solve partial differential equations
The speaker illustrated several examples and types of Analytical and Numerical methods to solve differential equations. The seminar focused on advantages & disadvantages, applications and future scope of Analytical and numerical method.

Mr. Sanjay Ghorpade
Topic: Metal ceramics preparation and its application
The seminar focused on synthesis of metal ceramic and elaborated its application in rubber like material, effect of organic and inorganic ceramic on lubricating / processing oil & plasticizer.

Mr. Jagdish Parate
Topic: Al and Mathematics
The speaker discussed Artificial Intelligence (AI) in-depth. AI and its type was explained with some fine examples for precise understanding. The speaker defined neuron and neural network in detail and explained various branches of mathematics involved in AI.

Ms. Harshada Pratham
Topic: Matrix and its Application
The Speaker defined matrix and concept of eigen values and vector with its application.

Mr. Vikram Pawar
Topic: Language and Literature/Religion Philosophy New Trend
In the lecture, the speaker compared two ways impact of religion on literature and its reflection on social life. The seminar presented recent trends in English language teaching, Buddhist philosophy, Research ethics and plagiarism control.

Ms. Poonam Patil
Topic: Modernism in T.S. Eliot – The Wasteland
The seminar revolved around the absurdity of the modern era. The speaker explained how the poet depicts the suffering and vagueness of life in the face of modernity throughout the poem ‘The Wasteland’.

Ms. Suma Lalit
Topic: Robert Frost : An American Poet
Biography of the eminent poet, Robert Frost was presented by the speaker. The speaker also explained importance of poetry in literature and discussed 10 other renowned poet in English literature.

Dr. Avinash Kamble
Topic: Set, Multiset & Fuzzy sets
The broad objective of multiset and fuzzy set through the concept of classical set was explained by the speaker. Numerous practical application of fuzzy set was presented with several examples. The seminar showcased how fuzzy set is effective in decision making, where data is imprecise and vague.

Ms. Vishakha Gajghate
Topic: An Introduction to the Liquid Crystal
A brief introduction to the liquid crystal, its application and different phrases using optical polarization microscope was explained in-depth.

Mr. Satish U.
Topic: Topology and its application
In the seminar, definition of topology, its properties and applications was illustrated with several basic examples.

Ms. Shital Rithe
Topic: Number Theory and its application
The seminar surveyed the history of Number theory and explained related concepts like division algorithm, prime numbers, fermat little theorem along with its application in day–to-day life.

Ms. Vijaya Shelke
Topic: Introduction to Probability
Meaning and application of Probability with related basic terms such as Experiment, trial of experiment, sample space were explained with some interesting examples.