Faculty Seminar Series 2020 – Electrical Engg.

Department of Electrical Engineering organized Faculty Seminar Series from 5th to 8th June, 2020. All the faculty members presented their views on different topics of interest. The online session was taken using GOOGLE MEET.

Mr. Asokan S.
Topic: Basics of Solar Photovoltaics
Solar photovoltaic is an elegant technology which produces electricity from sunlight without moving parts. Various facts about solar energy were described. Also, how the energy is utilised to produce electrical energy and the major measures taken to produce maximum energy.

Dr. Panimaya Selvi
Topic: Energy System
An energy system is a system primarily designed to supply energy to end-users. The concept of an energy system is evolving as a new regulations, technologies, and practices enter into service – for example, emissions trading, the development of smart grids, and the greater use of energy demand management, respectively were explained.

Ms. Sangeetha Rajgopal
Topic: High Voltage DC Transmission System
Various methods of transmission of energy were described. How the High Voltage DC Transmission is better than others were discussed. Also, the components for the transmission and overall overview of the DC Transmission was explained.

Ms. Supriya Shigwan
Topic: Microgrid
A microgrid is a small-scale power grid that can operate independently or collaboratively with other small power grids. The whole grid connection, transmission and utilisation of the energy was been described in the session.

Ms. Pranita Chavan
Topic: Condition Monitoring of Power Transformer
Power transformers are important and expensive components in the electric power system. To protect this power transformer, we use monitoring system. An overview was described of how Monitoring systems can help to decrease the transformer life cycle cost and how to increase the high level of availability and reliability.

Ms. Sanobar Shaikh
Topic: Microcontroller and its application
Microcontroller is a compressed microcomputer manufactured to control the functions of embedded systems in office machines, robots, home appliances, motor vehicles and several other gadgets. Various application in the fields of automobile, aeronautics, space, robotics, electronics, defence application, mobile communications, rail transport, industrial processing, and medical were described.

Mr. Aamir Shaikh
Topic: Control System
A control system manages, commands, directs, or regulates the behaviour of other devices or systems using control loops. Various example of control system was described, a simplest example described was Traffic lights.

Ms. Ronita Pawn
Topic: Power System Planning
The power generation planning should be checking the availability of the source of energy and check the characteristics of the source of energy. The adequate reliability will depend on the size, type of power plant, quality of generation. The whole process of planning and generating based on planning was described.