Faculty Development Program on “Yoga”

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AICTE Fitness Program – Faculty Development Program on “Yoga”

Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities organized a Program on ‘AICTE – Fitness Program’

5 Days program Through virtual Google Meet

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Manvendra Vashishtha, Head, Applied Sciences and Humanities Department
Coordinator: Dr. Manvendra Vashishtha, Head, Applied Sciences and Humanities Department

The Applied Sciences and Humanities Department organized a 5 Days fitness program under the aegis of Fit India Movement. A webinar session on ‘Yoga and Meditation’ began on 22nd December, 2020 through the virtual Google Meet platform. In all, there were 16 participants. The program was an effort to relieve faculty from stress by practicing various yoga Asana yogic and encourage them to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. This program was held in the evening as per the convenience of the faculty.

On day one (22nd December, 2020), Dr. Vashishta delivered a talk on exceptional benefits of yoga on our Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Nervous, Endocrine, Skeletal, Muscular, Immune and Lymphatic System, Urinary or Excretory System, Reproductive System and Integumentary System to promotes weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance.

The second day of the yoga session (23rd December, 2020) began with different states of ‘Chitta’ and ‘Vritti’. Dr. Vashishtha unfolded the true meaning of yoga and illustrated how to control the tendencies of the Chitta and connect with the inner self.

On the third day (24th December, 2020), Dr. Vashishtha delivered a high impact of yogic practices like Patanjali Yoga sutras, Niyama and Asana. He asserted that Yama helps to eradicate impurities from the mind and Niyama yoga helps in maintaining discipline in our lives.

On day four (29th December,2020), Dr. Vashishtha addressed various stress developing factors in our day-to-day life, such as relationship challenges, children and their future, travelling, educational challenges, coping with work and lifestyle, old age and retirement, failing to overcome these situations might lead to stress and even death.

On day five (5th January, 2021), Dr. Vashishta acquainted all the faculty members with Pranayama, a spiritual practice, achieved through ‘Yoga Sadhna’ and Meditation as effective techniques to release stress. He emphasized the effect of pranayama through mathematical calculation.