Expert Talk on “PLC and its Scope in Industries”

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Speaker Profile:
Mr. Anil Kumar Sudele, Senior Project Engineer at ‘Control and Automation System’, Pune possess Master’s degree in Electrical engineering from Mumbai university and has published various papers in national and international journals. Sir has more than 08 years of experience in programmable logic designing, automation, SCADA, VFD and HMI. Sir has also worked on various projects in various industries and is expertise in the field of advanced automation. Prof. Aamir Shaikh introduced the Speaker and Session started.

29th April, 2020
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Prof. Pranita Chavan
Electrical Engineering


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Expert Talk: The guest speaker took over the session with introductory focus on Logic gates and relays. The aim of this event is to provide a basic understanding of PLC programming. The session started with the basic essential topics. Key concepts of PLC were covered. Logixpro simulation software were explained on Zoom App for hands on session.

Sir introduced to timers and counters. A demo of Micrologix 1400 was given. An interactive session where the students were asked to solve some practical problems was also included. Students responded quickly to the speaker and one of the students Siddhartha Nag was appreciated for his quick and accurate response. The session ended with a vote of thanks to the speaker.

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