Dog Feed Distribution

Date: February 2021

Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology had successfully conducted Dog Feed Distribution under Mahatma Education Society, a social service towards animals during Pandemic. The activity was announced as “Dog Feed”.

Overloaded with cuteness, these little paws cannot help themselves to a proper meal. They are often hungry, sick or in a really poor condition. Especially since the pandemic had mostly locked into our homes and many with a negative stigma towards animals, these helpless tail wagers were left to fend for themselves. This gave birth to the objective of the initiative. Students joined together and fed stray dogs across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. By participating in this act, they had inspired others to spread awareness about kindness. During sensitive times like these where we have all lost and left behind, compassion makes our hearts a little fonder.

This initiative brought us together, – a humble part of benevolence. When we help each other, we find generosity and grace. Soon people from different parts of the state contributed to this virtuous cause and fed stray animals near their residential areas. This gesture means a lot to animals who can’t reasonably feed themselves in these hard times. In doing so, they have contributed their respect for society. As there isn’t a better example of true heroism than helping those in need and displaying the essence of humanity over all else.