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Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology, Department of Computer Engineering had successfully conducted a farewell party “Adios Fellas” for students of PHCET on 4th May, 2024.

4th May, 2024
Ms. Pooja Patil, Mr. Sagar Yeshwantrao
Computer Engineering

The event was organized by the Third-Year student for their seniors. The farewell party was held at the college auditorium, which was transformed into a stunning venue with colorful decorations. The stage was beautifully decorated with balloons and lights, creating a festive ambiance.

as award ceremony of Best Performer of the Batch. This award is given to the graduating student in honor for his/her performance in academic achievements and extracurricular contributions during four years of graduation. RAI RAJAT JAIPRAKASH and BHILARE RUSHIKESH VILAS is awarded with the Best Performer of the Batch from Computer Engineering. He was presented with trophy certificates, and mementos. Best Performer of the Batch is awarded to the student who excelled in various fields such as academics, cultural activities, leadership, and community service. RAI RAJAT and BHILARE RUSHIKESH overwhelmed with pride and joy as he walked up to the stage to receive his well-deserved recognition.

The farewell party was also an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to share heartfelt messages and bid farewell to the graduating batch. Many students and faculty members delivered emotional farewell speeches, reminiscing about their time in college and expressing their best wishes for the future.

Apart from the performances, the farewell party had several entertainment activities, including a photo booth, where students captured fun memories with their friends.

The event ended with a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to everyone who had contributed to the success of the farewell party.