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Workshop on JAVA and SQL was held at Computer Engineering Department, Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology in the month of March and April 2016. There were 20 participants for java and 46 participants for SQL training. The SQL training was conducted by Mr. Saurabh Pal and Java training was conducted by Mr. Suman Aich.

March and April 2016
Computer Engineering

Course contents which were covered in SQL are:

  • Introduction to oracle database
  • Retrieve data using SQL select statement
  • Learn to restrict and sort data
  • Usage of single row function to customize output
  • Invoke conversion function and conditional expressions
  • Aggregate data using group functions
  • Display data from multiple tables using joins
  • Use sub query to solve queries
  • The SET operators
  • Data manipulation statements
  • Use of DDL statement to create and manage tables
  • Managements of schema objects
  • Retrieve data using sub queries