Student Orientation Program 2018-19

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The orientation program is an opportunity for any student to learn, how to navigate this campus and can be used to build a network of resources that will help students to start their journey in better manner on the right path. This academic year, the orientation program was organized for all students of Information technology. Prior to the beginning of semester, students are given an overview of the complete realm of the semester from academics to social activities, familiarizing students to their new surroundings & introducing them to the vision and mission of the department. The HOD along with the staff members coordinated the orientation programs within the department.

9th July, 2018
Information Technology Engineering

During orientation; students had the chance to meet other incoming students & faculties along with their class coordinators. The students were encouraged to participate in various technical events as well as cultural festivals. Class Coordinators also informed about 75% attendance criteria for all lectures. Student mentorship program is introduced for encouraging students and developing their interpersonal skills as well. To improve learning in a more interactive wayguest and expert lectures are being organized for students each semester. Students will work on mini projects as well as project exhibitions like Project Based learning. Industrial visits are being organized for students to explore the real world of technology. There is regular Parents Teacher meeting scheduled to keep track of the progress report of every student.