Seminar on “Introduction to Photovoltaic Technique”

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The One Day Workshop was organized by Department of Electrical Engineering and it commenced at 10:00 a.m. on 11th November, 2017 in the 3rd Floor, Architecture Hall. Prof. R. D. More introduced the speaker Mr. Asokan S., having vast experience in the field. The Head of the Department, Ms. Pranita Chavan felicitated the speaker.

11th November, 2017
Electrical Engineering
3rd Floor, Architecture Hall
Prof. R. D. More

The guest speaker enlightened all the participants with the importance of Photovoltaic Cell. Photovoltaics is a solar-power technology for generating electricity using semiconductor devices known as solar cells. A number of solar cells form a solar ‘module’ or ‘panel’, which can then be combined to form solar power systems, ranging from a few watts of electricity output to multi-megawatt power stations. Growth in the solar photovoltaic sector has been robust. The Compound Annual Growth Rate over the last 15 years was over 40%, thus making photovoltaics one of the fastest growing industries at present. The PV Status Report provides comprehensive and relevant information on this dynamic sector for the interested public, as well as decision-makers in policy and industry. The session was concluded with a question answer session at 4:30 p.m.

Faculty members also co-ordinated to conduct the seminar successfully. There were around 28 participants for the seminar.