Second Year Induction Program

Induction Program for Second year Electrical Engineering students of the Academic Year 2020-21 was conducted on 15th June, 2020 where Ms. Pranita Chavan, HOD, Electrical Department introduced the student to the department and class-coordinator.

Then class-coordinator Mr. Aamir Shaikh took the charge of introducing the subject in charges.Each subject in-charge then introduced and briefed about their subjects as follows:

  • Mr. Asokan S. explained about his subject Electrical Circuit Analysis and Simulation Lab-I
  • Ms. Sanobar S. explained about her subject Analog Electronics and Electronics Lab-I
  • Ms. Supriya Shigwan explained about her subject Fundamentals of Electrical Machines and Measurements and Lab related to it.
  • Ms. Ronita Pawn explained about her subject Electrical Power System-I and Applied Electrical Engineering Lab

Then Mr. Aamir Shaikh briefed about how the lecture will be taken online and importance of attendance and concluded the session.