PTM OSAY Electrical Engineering 2016-17

Department of Electrical organized a Parent Teacher Meeting on 24th September, 2016 in 504, V-floor, engineering building. Around 53 students (SE-ELEC-30, TE-ELEC-23) along with their parents attended the meeting. The meeting was addressed by Prof. Asokan (HOD, ELEC).

24th September, 2016
Electrical Engineering

The Purpose / Objective of Parent Teacher Meeting was aimed at:

  • Building a Partnership where a Teacher often introduces parents to their teaching style, discipline methods and classroom policies. Expressing their commitment to your child’s education, such as their organizational skills & positive attitude.
  • Gathering Information where teachers & parents can exchange information about child’s academic progress like his attendance, marks in online examinations and internal examinations and also about the child’s social development like his behavior and discipline, punctuality etc.
  • Developing a Plan where the Teacher – Parent together can address a plan to help the student to work through his difficulties or find ways to ensure his continued success.

The agenda of the meeting

  • Welcome and introduction of teachers and parents.
  • General information about Departmental facilities and strategies planned for this academic year was explained.
  • Parents were informed about the Study materials, important questions and sample question papers that were given to the students to ease the weak student preparation.
  • Internal assessment test performance
  • Suggestion from parents.
  • Any subject with permission of HOD.

The meeting was organised under guidance and presidentship of HOD Mr. Asokan S. Teachers and parents of Electrical / Electronics engineering students attended the meet. Before parent teacher meeting we review the student’s information like attendance unit test marks. We send parent teacher meeting invitation to parents. Head of the Department addressed the parents with key points which are vital to be brought into the knowledge of the parents and students.

In the meeting we discussed the following topics-

  1. Attendance of wards
  2. CBGS awareness
  3. Information of result
  4. Importance of the attendance
  5. Awareness about study workshop
  6. Information about Industrial visit
  7. Mentor scheme
  8. Exam scheme
  9. Academic schedule / calendar
  10. Information about training and placement

The Key points include maintaining the attendance 75 percentage and above which enables the pupil to be in track of the syllabus covered in lectures. This also enhances the better understanding of the course work by students. At the end the students attain to greater aggregates in their university exams, which qualify them for selection in campus interview. Overall aggregate should be above 60%. This also qualifies the student to appear for campus interviews. The students should put in adequate effort during their semester to clear all courses and work towards it. Unnecessary usage of smart phones should be avoided. Students should have a daily practice of reviewing the lessons for three to four hours. Should complete all the academic works like assignments, experimental write ups etc. Students should be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities conducted by the college. In Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology, campus there were many activities like TechEuphoria, Workshops for PCB making etc. Students should participate in them to explore their potential.

The Department of Electrical / Electronics Engineering arranged an Industrial visit to Substation in Ambernath. The Chief Engineer of the substation was kind to explain everything to the students and show around the process. Information was given about international competitions participated in the field of Electronics. Students were encouraged and were supported by the college administration to participate in one such competition called “Robocon”. Students from every department had the opportunity to participate in the innovative technology to evolve a new breed of robot. It was an inter-departmental participation and students from Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Electrical Engineering all co-operated together to make the competition a success.

Information regarding the workshop events being conducted in various departments were provided to the parents. This enables the student to be in track of the new developments in the field and keep their knowledge up-to-date in the field of Engineering. Photos of the events like TechEuphoria, Workshops that were held in college campus and visit to Ambernath substation was shown as slide show to parents, this encouraged them about the extracurricular activities happening in campus for the growth and development of the students. The students along with parents were given the idea about activities additional to education to expand the idea about engineering and its usefulness to the society.

Information was given about study workshops for students to revise the exam portions which are held before exam. Ample time provided for students to go through the theory helps them prepare better and score good marks in the internal unit test. Also students can clear all their doubts with Professors before the exam. This helps students get 60% and above in Unit Test 1 and Unit Test 2. Brief reminder was given to parents and guardians about fee payment. Parents and guardian were given information about the need to be clear about fee structure and should prepare before every semester. This will reduce the burden to them and it help the smooth functioning of the Institution.

On personal interaction with parents the class in charge disclosed the Unit Test marks and the attendance percentage of students with parents. The parents showed positive sign towards the key points discussed by HOD. They also gave confirmation that they will encourage the students for 100% attendance and work towards 60% academic results. That their children can be placed in campus interview itself. After the address of HOD, students and parents were divided division wise. They interacted with Class Coordinator and respective subject teachers. University results, Test results, Attendance, Discipline and Punctuality of a ward were discussed individually by class coordinator and counseling for improvement was given accordingly. At last, the parents filled the feedback form and expressed their views. Following are the views and suggestion given by parents.


  • Address by H.O.D for students & parents was very effective.
  • The subject expert provided for the small group of students were very much appreciated.
  • Parents appreciated the personal attention and interaction between the student and faculty.
  • Parents Teacher meeting should be arranged at least twice in every semester.
  • Parents insisted to inform them about their wards’ performance through progress report card at regular interval.
  • The parent gave a very good feedback for the programme as well as about the participation of faculty staff in all the academic as well as co-curricular activities and also appreciated teacher ward system (mentor scheme).
  • Regular classes, Placement cell, good Faculty support, Best Teaching staff, Better guidance given by faculty member

All parents who attended the Parents Teacher meeting gave the feedback as the meeting was very informative. It was packed with information and was very beneficial for them to guide their children in future. It was a very interactive session and helped them understand the system well and thus to co-operate with the students and institution accordingly. Refreshments also were provided to the parents and guardians and all who participated in the parents Teacher meeting during the interactive session.