PTM OSAY Civil Engineering 2018-19

The Parents Teachers Meeting for the OSAY 2018 was conducted for second year, third year and final year students. The meeting was addressed by the Department Head, Dr. Tejaswini D. N. Invitations to parents were sent through the students of all classes. An acknowledgement signed by parents was collected for ensuring that it reached the parents. The Teacher Guardian of students made personal calls to all the parents and invited them for the meeting. Parents of about 40 students attended the meeting and they were enthusiastic about their wards’ performance in class. Many students accompanied their parents. The department head Dr. Tejaswini D. N. welcomed all the parents to the meeting and delivered an informative presentation. The faculty members introduced themselves to the parents.

29th September, 2018
Civil Engineering

The efforts taken by the faculty were conveyed by explaining the following activities:

  • Question bank
  • Study Workshop
  • Concepts Inventory Plan
  • Models and Charts
  • Laboratory Manual
  • Power Point Presentations
  • NPTEL lectures
  • Site visits and Industrial visits
  • PBL – for 2nd and 3rd year students
  • Project competition – techfizz
  • Student Chapter
  • TG- scheme
  • Meditation
  • Technical paper writing for students
  • Zero KT group
  • Induction Program
  • Internship presentation
  • Result of previous semester
  • TPO activities
  • Details of students placed in previous year
  • Alumni

The responsibilities of parents and part to be played by the students were also mentioned in the ppt. The respective Class coordinator and the Teacher guardian discussed with the parents regarding attendance, marks of unit test and any other issues. Many parents were happy to get introduced to the TG, so that they can be contacted whenever there is a need. The parents discussed their problems with the ‘TG’ and gave many valuable suggestions. Parents were made aware of the importance of attending class regularly. The feedback from the parents regarding the meeting was very good. Feedbacks forms were filled by all the parents. Light Refreshments were provided to the parents at the end of the meeting.