Industrial Visit to HOCL, Rasayani

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The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, organized an Industrial Visit for the fifth semester students to HOCL, Rasayani 220 kV substation. All the 5th semester Electrical Engineering students along with Prof. R. D. More and Prof. Panimaya Selvi visited the yard and premises with an interest of linking the theoretical knowledge with the practical aspects of power transmission and distribution. The Industrial Visit was extremely beneficial in familiarizing the different equipments and working of a substation. The visit facilitated a short overview over the control room aspects, feeder, relays and various protection schemes. The industrial visit was helpful in upgrading the practical knowledge of students and also benefited them to translate their theoretical knowledge with practical concepts.

14th October, 2016
HOCL, Rasayani 220 kV substation
R. D. More, Prof. Selvi P.
Electrical Engineering