Inauguration of “ACE Student Club”

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The Department of Information Technology inaugurated the Association of Coders and Encoders ‘ACE Student Club’. Through this association students can not only enhance their Coding ability but it will also give a broad perspective of problem solving. Involvement in these activities often fosters a lifetime commitment to create a climate of inclusion that reflects our domain values and promotes an open exchange of ideas where each voice is heard. ACE mainly concentrates on four broad domains-Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, Internet of Things, Core Programming and Web development. The ACE club was inaugurated in the presence of our principal Dr. J. W. Bakal, Management representative Ms. Munawira Kotyad, Dr. Lata Ragha Professor and HOD at FCRIT, Navi Mumbai and Dr. Subhash K. Shinde Vice Principal and Professor at LTCOE, Navi Mumbai. Around 150 students from various departments participated in the inauguration event.

Date of Event
16th March, 2022
Ms. Prachi Sorte, Ms. Kajal Patel and ACE Team
Information Technology