Guest Lecture on “Overview of Power Sector”

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The Guest Lecture jointly organized by IEI Student’s Chapterof Department of Electrical Engineering commenced at 11:30 a.m. in the architecture hall. BE Student Azeem introduced the Chief Guest Mr. Bharat Kadam, Expert in Power System and invited him to deliver the lecture.

10th August, 2017
Prof. Supriya Shigwan
Electrical Engineering

The guest speaker took over the session with introductory focus on basic structure of power sector. He then emphasized the importance of Renewable Sources of energy and highlighted “Artificial Tree”. Which is the latest research in renewable sources on energy and encouraged students to build a smaller or basic model of it.

He then continued the lecture and explained the problems that MSEDCL has to face due to losses and theft of electricity. He also explained the procedure of tariff and electricity bill calculation with a small example. He then focused on the rules and act that needs to be followed by everyone. He then introduced various government originations of both central as well as state government and their functions he also explained about SCADA and how substations communicate with each other.

The guest speaker ended his session by making the students aware of, field and career related opportunities and project based topics with which one can gain more knowledge of the power sector.