Fun Friday

CSI PHCET Organized a Fun Event called Fun Friday on 11th March, 2022.

11th March, 2022
Artificial Lawn
CSI Team
Computer Engineering

The Event featured numerous fun games and activities, such as:

  1. Non-Technical
    • Box Cricket League
      It is a 5 vs 5 team match of cricket.
      The highest one to score runs in both teams wins the match and wins the cash price.
    • Wheel of Fortune
      Participants have to perform the tasks given in the wheel and it the pointer ends up in the price section then they win the price.
    • Dumb Charades
      It is a 2 vs 2 team game in which one participant of the team has to wear headphones in which music is played and the other participant has to guess the movie name given by the coordinators’ who ever guesses the most number of movies won’s the price.
  2. Technical
    • 101 and out
      It is a 3 vs 2 team game in which the participants have to roll the dice and add the numbers of the outcome of the dice and reach he goal i.e. 101 the closes team to 101 wins the game.
    • Guess the Code
      In this game several snippets of code are given on screen participant has to guess that in which language the code is written in.
    • Binary Gird
      There is a 6×6 grid and at the end of it there are some numbers the participant has to arrange 1 and 0 in such a way that the number in the last has to match its binary number.

Event Outcome

This event was to let the students know about the CSI club and how we conduct not only technical events but also fun events.

Event Feedback

The event gather students and let them enjoy the various non technical and technical games and interact with other students as well.

The event started with a boom, several students registered for various games and enjoyed playing it. More than 100 students attended the fun event. Overall the event was a great Success and the students responded very well.