Pradnya Rane

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Pradnya Mitesh Rane

Faculty of Civil Engineering Department


  • M.E. 2019 : Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology
  • B.E. 2010 : Goa College of Engineering


Mechanics of Structure, Building Construction, Surveying, Theory of Structure, Traffic Engineering, Concrete Technology, Contracts and Accounts, Geotechnical Engineering, Highway Engineering

Important Publications

  • An Experimental investigation of ECC using MP and PVA by destructive and NDT test in international conference on Rehabilitation and retrofitting of structure
  • Effect of marble powder and PVA fibres on the strength and microstructure of Engineered cementitious composite by using non destructive test in international journal of Civil Engineering
  • Experimental study of effect on Engineered cementitious composite by marble powder and PVA fibres in MES faculty forum seminar