Pooja Patil

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Pooja Mahesh Patil

Faculty of Computer Engineering Department


  • M.E. 2018: University of Mumbai in Computer Network and Information Security
  • B.E. 2015: University of Mumbai in Computer Engineering


Mobile Communication & Computing, Enterprise Resource Planning, Parallel and distributed Systems, Discrete Structures and Graph Theory, Digital Logic & Computer Architecture, OOPM, Internet Programming

Important Publications

  • “An Overview of Network Security Tools: IDS, Honeypot & Firewall” in “Vivruti” International Conference held by DILKAP Institute of Engineering in 2016
  • “Prediction based on Trigulation in Common Ad-hoc Wireless Sensor Network” International Journal of Tread in Research & Development in March-April 2017
  • “Prediction based on Trigulation in Ad-hoc Wireless Network” in International Journal of Science & Innovative Engineering & Technology in May 2017
  • “Prediction based on Trigulation in Wireless Sensor Node” in International Journal of Management Technology & Engineering in June 2018
  • “Overview of Hole Punching: ICMP Hole Punching, TCP Hole Punching, UDP Hole Punching” in International Research Journal of Engineering & Technology (IRJET) in April 2020

Awards and Recognitions

  • Coursera certification courses on “Cloud Computing Basics (Cloud 101) & 2. Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning”
  • Pluralsight certification courses on “1. Python: The Big Picture & 2. Understanding Machine Learning with Python”
  • NASSCOM certification course on “Foundational Artificial Intelligence”
  • Tatasteel certification course on “Machine Learning”
  • Udemy certification course on “Machine Learning: H&s-On Python & R in Data Science”

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