Narendra Dhande

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Narendra Dhande

Faculty of Electrical Engineering Department


  • M-Tech 2014: JNTU University, Saint Mary College of Engineering in Digital electronics & Communication Engineering.
  • B.E. 2002: Amaravati University JDIET Yavatmal in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Research and Consultancy

  • Designed and develop Klystron Power Supply.
  • Designed and develop Gunn Power Supply.
  • Designed and develop Voltage standing wave ratio meter.
  • Designed Narrow gauge Antenna for X band.
  • Designed broad gauge Antenna for X band.
  • Designed and Develop Continuous Wave (Doppler RADAR) trainer for Practical purpose for Technical colleges. (10GHz Frequency )
  • Designed and develop Cavity Resonator.


Optical fibre communication, Antenna Design, Ancient Indian Vimanashatra, Solar Panel Design, Optical image sensing, Supersonic RADAR Design, Wireless Digital Storage oscilloscope

Important Publications

  • Artificial Intelligence Healthcare For pilots in Indian Ancient Vimana MIT Pune
  • Indian Rath in Ancient Peroid