Munawira Kotyad

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Munawira Kotyad

Faculty of Computer Engineering Department


  • Ph.D. (Pursuing): Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT Bombay
  • M.S. 2013: Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA
  • B.E. 2009: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Mumbai University

Research and Consultancy

  • Currently conducting research on General Purpose GPUs at IIT Bombay (with Prof. Virendra Singh) to enhance GPU performance for general purpose workloads
  • Power saving features using timer coalescing for Intel Architecture at Intel Corporation
  • Mitigating address translation bottlenecks due to virtual memory by enhancing Memory systems and Translation look aside buffers at IIT Bombay

Courses Taught

  • Operating Systems
  • Architecture of Parallel Computers (NCSU (TA))
  • Computer Design and Technology (NCSU (TA))

Course Work and Certifications

  • Game Design and Development Specialization (Coursera & Unity Framework)
  • Advanced Computer Architecture and Hardware Security (IIT Bombay)
  • Design and Engineering of Computing Systems (IIT Bombay)
  • Processor Design (IIT Bombay)
  • Virtualization and Cloud Systems (IIT Bombay)

Other Relevant Coursework: Architecture of Parallel Computers, Transactional Memory Studies, Advanced Micro-architecture, Compiler Construction and Optimization, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Internet Protocols, Object Oriented Programming

Awards and Recognitions

  • Intel Quality Award for Power and Performance enhancements on Windows OS for Intel Architecture

Personal Website and Social Media

In-progress projects at: