Hardik D. Panchal

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Hardik D. Panchal

Faculty of Civil Engineering Department


  • M.Tech 2019: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai in Mechanical Engineering (TFE)
  • B.E. 2011: University of Mumbai, Mumbai in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma 2008: Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai in Mechanical Engineering

Research and Consultancy

  • Design and Development of Liquid Rocket Engine
  • Production of Green Hydrogen using PEM/AEM Electrolyser
  • Development of Sonic Tube for RCC Testing


Fluid Mechanics and Machinery, Applied Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering, Engineering Drawing, CAD, Solid Works, Elements of Machine Design.

Important Publications

  • J Patel, H Panchal, R Sehrawat, Kumar B, A Chowdhury, N Kumbhakarna, "Initiation Step in the Condensed Phase Decomposition Process of Ammonium Perchlorate", ASPAAC 2021, December 5-9, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2021
  • H. Panchal, A. Chowdhury, N. Kumbhakarna, ”Study of ammonium perchlorate decomposition in the condensed phase using detailed chemical kinetics”, ICFD­2018, November 07-09, Miyagi, Japan 2018.
  • H. Panchal, N. Kumbhakarna, “Numerical validation of the liquid-phase decomposition mechanism of Guanidinium Azotetrazolate”, Thermochimica Acta, 657,209-213, 2017.
  • H. Panchal, N. Kumbhakarna,”Simulation of the decomposition process of guanidinium azotetrazolate”, NAPC-2017-119, March 15-17, IIT Kanpur, 2017.