Dr. Sarita Devi

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Dr. Sarita Devi

Faculty of Applied Science and Humanities Department


  • Ph.D. 2020: Applied Mathematics (NILM University)
  • M.Phil. 2006: Pure Mathematics (Kurukshetra University)
  • M.Sc. 2004: Pure Mathematics (Kurukshetra University)
  • B.Ed. 2002: Mathematics, Science (Kurukshetra University)
  • B.Sc. 2001: Mathematics, Statistics, Physics (Kurukshetra University)


Applied Mathematics I,II,III,IV, Algebra, Statistics, Calculus

Important Publications

  • An introduction to partial differential equations http://proceeding.conferenceworld.in/ICMR-2018/52.pdf
  • Some numerical technique to solve partial differential equations http://www.ijamtes.org/gallery/46.aug%20ijmte%20%20-%20cw.pdf
  • Applications of Vedic mathematics in Algebra https://www.rspsciencehub.com/article_6645.html
  • Applications of Differential Transform Method https://www.irjet.net/volume8-issue2