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The IT Department threw a farewell party for the final year students on 25th April, 2024. The third-year class of students, faculty members, and final-year students who were saying goodbye all attended the event, which took place in the Engineering Lobby. As the students said their final goodbyes to their cherished college, the occasion was filled with joy and feelings.

Event Name
Event Coordinator
BE Farewell
IT Department
25th April, 2024
Engineering Lobby

It was a magnificent occasion that brought back a range of feelings, smiles, and recollections. The department head, the principal, and final-year students all gave statements during the program during which they expressed gratitude for the college and its instructors.

A wide range of amusing performances were also featured at the event, including a stand-up comedy act, a dance by juniors, and a dance by senior students. The games session and the ramp walk gave the student a stage on which to display their skills and promote unity and teamwork. Everyone was filled with joy and thanks after watching the movie that featured the kids’ memories from the previous year, which gave the occasion a nostalgic sense.

Everyone had a great meal as the farewell celebration came to an end, and the last year students received a small souvenir as a gift.