Aptitude Training

Aptitude Test has become a way of entering in Information Technology Industry. Every company has this as a first round of evaluation and only the students who pass this are eligible for the further rounds of interview, including the technical round. Engineering students are generally not exposed to online testing and definitely have not encountered aptitude test.

At PHCET, we realise this situation and ensure that the students cross this round and can show case their technical skills. Therefore, Pillai HOC College of Engineering & Technology, Rasayani has successfully conducted Aptitude Training of 208 students. The training was conducted by two trainers Mr. Rohit Runwal and Mr. Vishwajeet Dhuppe and it was covered in 120 Hrs. For the first two batches training was conducted from 19th to 30th December, 2018 and for the third batch it was conducted from 2nd to 12th January, 2019.