Smitha J. S.

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Smitha J. S.

Faculty of Civil Engineering Department


  • Ph.D. Pursuing: IIT Bombay, Department of Civil Engineering – Construction Technology and Management (Admission – Autumn session 2019-20)
  • M.E. 2018: Pillai HOC College of Engineering in Construction Engineering and Management
  • B.Tech. 1999: College of Engineering Trivandrum in Civil Engineering


Surveying, Transportation Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Estimation

Important Publications

Peer-reviewed Journal:

  • Smitha J.S. and Albert Thomas, “Integrated Model and Index for Circular Economy in the Built Environment in the Indian Context” Construction Economics and Building, Vol:21, No:3, 198–220, September 2021, ISSN 2204-9029
  • Smitha J. S., Tejaswini D. Nalamutt and Shrikant Charhate (2018), "Embodied Energy - A Measure of Sustainability of Buildings", The Indian Concrete Journal, Vol: 92, No. 4, pp: 22-29, April 2018, ISSN 0019_4565

Conference Presentation and Abstract Proceedings:

  • Smitha J.S. and Albert Thomas, “A Life Cycle Analysis based framework to promote Circular Economy in the Building sector”, International Conference on Recent Development in Sustainable Infrastructures: Research and Practices (ICRDSI-2020)
  • Smitha J.S., Tejaswini D.N. and Shrikant Charhate, “Embodied Energy of Materials in Building Envelope for Sustainable Buildings”, Conference Proceedings of Second ISEES International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Challenges, IISc Bangalore, pp: 572 – 575, (2018)

Book Chapters / Monographs

  • Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering (LNCE, volume 221)
  • Ref- Conference paper (iii)


  • Smith J. S., Method and process of manufacturing P-Tiles using waste plastic and other required materials, Application No.: 202121039462, Date: 31st August, 2021