Poonam R. Pathak

Poonam R. Pathak

Faculty of Information Technology Department


  • M.E. 2014: Pillai College of Engineering in Information Technology
  • B.E. 2005: S.T.B. Engineering College in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Instrumentation Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Technology


Software Project Management, Computer Graphics and virtual Reality, Object Oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Structured Programming Approach, Distributed System, Advanced Database Management System

Important Publications

  • "Managing Agility for events on event evidence" Volume 1, 2015, International Journal of Advanced Foundation and Research in Science and Engineering, Emerging trends of Technology Pages 1-4, held at Dilkap Research Institute of Engg. and Mgmt. Studies (http://www.ijafrse.org)