Dipti K. Patil

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Dipti Ketan Patil

Faculty of Computer Engineering Department


  • M.E. 2021: University of Mumbai in Computer Engineering
  • B.E. 2015: Shivajirao S. Jondhale College of Engineering and Technology, Dombivaliin Computer Engineering


System Programming and Compiler Construction, Data Warehouse and Mining, Discrete Structure and Graph Theory, Cloud Computing, Web Designing, C#.

Important Publications

  • Published Paper in (International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews) titled ”Discovering Inference Attack on The Social Media Through Fusion of Hyper Graph and Machine Learning, E-ISSN 2348-1269, P- ISSN 2349-5138, Volume.8, Issue 1, Page No pp.353-361, February 2021
  • Published Paper in ”Blockchanin technology impacts on accounting and auditing business” A Journal for New Zealand Herpetology,( Vol 12,Issue 03)( 2023)

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