Workshop on Rooftop Solar – an Overview

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One day workshop organized by Electrical Department on 15th March, 2024 for students of Electrical department. The following concepts have been discussed at the workshop. Global overview of Power development. • Global overview of Renewable Energy , Development including Solar, Basic principles of Solar Power (Solar Photovoltaic) • Manufacturing process for Solar Photovoltaic • Use and handling procedure of solar panels, energy storage, control and conversion • Basic electrical system and functioning of various electrical devices • AC and DC Supply essentials • Components of Solar Systems • mechanical equipment’s and its functioning • maintenance procedure of equipment’s • site survey, design and evaluation of various parameters • tools involved in installation of system • quality and process standards • occupational health and safety standards • waste management and disposal procedures and standards • importance of wearing protective clothing and other safety gear while • carrying out installation • precautions taken while handling different electrical and mechanical products.

Faculty Coordinator: Mr. Asokan S, Mr. RD More, Mr. Nilesh Raut