Workshop on “How to Become a DEV” 2024

PHCET > IT Seminars & Workshops > Workshop on “How to Become a DEV” 2024
Date18th March , 2024
VenueD-414 : Programming Lab
Resource PersonMs. Prachi Sorte, Assistant Professor, IT Department,
Mr. Yash Yadav, Student , TE IT
Faculty CoordinatorMs. Prachi Sorte
DepartmentInformation Technology

Event Objective

  • Introduction to Flutter Framework
  • Setup development Environment
  • Understanding Flutter Basics
  • Building a Simple Flutter App
  • Hands-On Coding Sessions
  • Building Responsive UI’s

Event Outcome

  • Students will gain a clear understanding of the Flutter framework and the Dart programming language.
  • Students will be able to install and configure the Flutter SDK and necessary development tools.
  • Students will know how to set up and use an IDE like Android Studio or Visual Studio Code for Flutter development.
  • Students will understand how to use widgets to build user interfaces and manage state within an app.
  • Through hands-on exercises, students will practice writing and debugging Flutter code


  • Introduction to Flutter
  • Introduction to Dart programming Language
  • Setting up the development environment for Flutter
  • Creating Your First Flutter Project
  • Understanding Flutter Basics
  • Running the Flutter App on AVD